Mike Stutelberg Dot Com

Star Wars, Michelangelo and comic books... somehow they all fit together in my head just right.
I have worked as a designer for the last 25 years doing ads, illustration, sculpture, packaging,
and architectural projects. You name it, I have designed it. Some of my favorite areas include
high-end toy design, logos, and product prototyping. I also enjoy web design and publication work.

I hail originally from Minneapolis and spent the last 20 years in Wisconsin, I am currently working
from the Twin Cities and have enjoyed serving a whole host of clients from my studio over the years.

I wanted to put together this online portfolio to give clients a quick look at some of the types of
projects I have done over the years, and to cover the broad scope of my experience. Many of
these pages are simple galleries, but be sure you spend some time looking over the client
section (lots of the cool stuff is in there). I designed this site, and collaborated with
greyscale :: design for the sitebuild.

I would love a chance to speak with you about your project, and I think I could bring a new look
or perspective to whatever design challenge you can come up with. Send me an email from
my contact page, and I will call you or forward my contact information to you.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy looking around the site,

Mike Stutelberg